Types of Articles

  1. Review article: Review articles must provide comprehensive and latest information on topics of special interest. Review articles may be invited by the Editor or may be submitted by authors. They must be accompanied with an unstructured abstract not exceeding 250 words. The main body of the manuscript should have appropriate headings as per the concerned topic under review and length of the article excluding the abstract and the references generally should not exceed 5000 words. The number of references should not exceed 50 in number. Tables and figures up to six each can be included.
  2. Original articles: Original articles must reflect comprehensive and original research work carried out by authors. These must include a structured abstract, of maximum 250 words, and structured main body of the manuscript excluding title and references, not exceeding 3000 words. Number of references should be restricted to 40 and number of tables and figures should not exceed 6 each. Original article should include minimum 2 and maximum 5 statements highlighting the important messages of the article. Clinical Trials must preferably be registered with the clinical trials registry. Reports of clinical trials should adhere to the CONSORT statement.
  3. Brief communication: This can include work not as comprehensive as an original article yet if published would result in significant advancement of scientific knowledge. The abstract should be structured with maximum 250 words with a structured manuscript not exceeding 1500 words excluding references and tables. Number of references should be restricted to 20 with no more than 1 table and figure each.
  4. Case Reports: Communication about rare cases or case reports with novel significance can be submitted here. Case reports must be accompanied by an unstructured abstract (Maximum 200 words) and an main manuscript bearing headings ‘introduction’, ‘case description’, and ‘discussion’ not exceeding 1000 words, excluding references and tables. Number of references should be limited to ten and the number of figures should not exceed 3. Tables should not be included in case reports.
  5. Images in clinical practice: One to three classical images usually pathognomonic of a disease with a brief unstructured narrative of not more than 150 words can be submitted under this category. No abstract is required and the number of references should not exceed five. Tables should not be included in case reports.
  6. Letter to editor: Letters to the Editor may include responses/ comments to recently published articles, or short letters expressing an opinion or observations of clinical interest. Letter to editor do not require an abstract and should contain unstructured manuscript not exceeding 800 words formatted in one continuous section .References should be limited to 5 and a maximum of 1 table and 1 figure could be included.